Courier Service Secrets Revealed: Courier Company Rush Delivery and Holdbacks

Courier Service Secrets Revealed: Courier Company Rush Delivery and Holdbacks

Your courier service is the frontline between your products and your customers. Unveiling some of the methods that a number of courier companies use can make a world of difference when it comes to finding an unpredictable courier. one that will provide a positive extension of your business, giving the right impression that will help you grow your business.

You are on your way to Edmonton Oilers hockey playoff game, and your cell phone rings. It is your most valuable customer; They are working on a construction project on a large bridge that spans the northern Saskatchewan River in Alberta, and a gas leak has occurred. They need one of your special drills, and they need it STAT! They can not come to pick it up, because they are awesome to handle their emergency at hand.

What should you do? Youve spent over $ 200 for your hockey tickets that are almost impossible to get, and thats the playoff! On the other hand, you can not really disappoint your big customer! You call your courier service and expect them to handle your emergency, but it is now 7. You leave the call, there is no response, and panic begins to be introduced.

You need to find a courier company that works after hours, and you need to find a quick one. You switch to a phone kiosk and fumble through the catalog in a frenzy for a courier available at this late hour, but you have no account with them. In addition, how do you know that you will even find someone who is trustworthy? You call for a call before you finally contact a knowledgeable person at the other end, not a person who simply takes messages for the company after hours. After todays worth of unpleasant experiences, you are swearing that your first mission tomorrow is to find you a new courier company that is available to handle emergencies.

How will you find a new courier service? The majority of local courier companies do not have as much as a published website, so you have to let your fingers go to the big yellow book or try your Yellow Pages Catalog Online for Local Courier Express, where you will find a company that cares enough about its business that they have invested in a quality website. You can learn a lot about a company through the efforts they put forward to present actual content on their website.

To begin with, look for a courier service that announces that they provide a 24-hour customer service, 365 days a year. Try calling them after hours while youre on it, to see what kind of real response you get in your search. They only have to have an answering machine for after hours, and you waste precious time waiting for their response. If the courier services seem incapable or unwilling to help you, you would be better off looking elsewhere for a business that can meet your needs.

These types of scenarios happen too often, so are not caught inadvertently. Establish a contingency plan for worst situations.

Some courier companies execute an unacceptable policy to leave shipments with a driver who has been invited to a hot shot or item to item delivery. The companies are already waiting for these deliveries, so if the courier is kept on regular delivery to get the full load, they are even further behind.

Some courier companies will hold regular delivery even though they are not occupied. They park the roads and let time go until they get to pickup or they will pick up your orders quickly and then hold back on delivery.

A reputable courier service will never follow unacceptable industry practices. A company that strives to provide an optimum service level will catch and deliver your delivery as soon as they can do it, even if it is not a freight forwarding service.

As a reference, it is important to understand that you will not benefit from the courier expression that works this way by not requesting a freight service when you honestly need it. One reason that a courier company practices sustained delivery on regular delivery is to force you to upgrade to speed up when its a rush. You never know, the only time you actually needed your delivery in a rush will be the time your courier was too busy to deliver as soon as you had expected.

Understanding some of the reasons for making decisions about which courier companies you use will be one of the most important things your business needs to be aware of. Your best arsenal to prevent a bad business image from delivering your products is to be informed of many of the less than desirable bidding methods that some companies continue and abandon those who do not adhere to the industrys best practices.

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